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Case studies

Strategy Development

A world-renowned university was interested in better supporting its graduate students in competing for professional opportunities upon graduation.

Our work included benchmarking practices in the country’s top ten research universities, and extensive engagements with the graduate student, faculty, administration and external stakeholders to surface challenges and opportunities. We delivered an organizational design, collaboration strategy and roadmap, to effectively enhance career and professional development services to graduate students.

Our work informed senior level decision making and development of the university’s services.

Workplace and
Culture Transformation

A technology and media company set out to transform its headquarters from a traditional to a collaborative workplace model, signaling enterprise culture change.

We led a two-year effort to develop a strategy, align leadership vision, and support employee transitions to new ways of working. Our work was based on significant employee and leadership engagement, and a sustained change communications campaign to lead workplace and culture change.

Post implementation metrics showed adoption of new workplace and cultural practices, minimal disruption, and an employee experience that reflects leadership’s workplace vision.

Organization Design

A large bioscience firm sought to shift the remit of a key functional group to a more strategic focus and redesign the organization for higher value services.

We worked with senior leadership to craft a compelling strategic narrative for the change. We conducted an environment scan to capture industry best practices, and led workshops with senior leaders to design the organization. Our work yielded a new organization, overall workflow redesign and a sophisticated rollout and change roadmap.

Our work provided the blueprint for the function in its current state and performance at a more strategic level.

Organization Collaboration Model

A large bioscience firm was initiating collaboration between an established unit and a small digital unit to create digitally enhance medical devices.

We led an organizational assessment which uncovered critical challenges and opportunities, related to roles, culture and processes, and worked with senior leaders to establish clear governance and steps to drive collaboration. We led workshops with the broad stakeholder group to cement accountability and operationalize the collaboration across critical path items with a link to business outcomes.

Our work now serves as an enterprise wide model for driving collaboration across units.


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